Q: What is the typical time needed to get a complete set of new photos for a view book and website?
A: One campus normally requires 2-3 days. A two or three day admissions shoot can be incredibly productive. Especially compared to a conventional advertising photo session where you might yield three photographs in a day. We can cover 15-20 different scenes in the same amount of time, while on location at a school, depending on how much will be photographed using natural light. In order to accomplish so much in such a short time, the client, art director and photographer must be extremely well organized.

Q: How do we prepare before you arrive?
A: I will send you guidelines that are very helpful to get the most out of the photo shoot. We will also discuss scheduling, and any questions you may have in order to make the photo session flow as efficiently as possible.

Q: How far do you you travel and what are the associated costs?
A: I love traveling and will go as far as your location takes me.
For traveling within 3 hours of my Santa Barbara, CA home there are no additional fees. Air travel requiring a full day, e.g. CA to the East Coast, is normally 25% of the shooting rate, in addition to tickets and lodging, unless otherwise agreed.

A: What are your photography usage rights?
Q: You may use the photographs to promote your school for as long as you’d like in any form of media. Photo credit is always appreciated.

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